Electricians in London To Benefit From Solar Moon Panels?

Juliane Paarmann - Friday, January 03, 2014

West London ElectricianBusinesses are always looking for ways to buy cheap electricity and with prices constantly increasing a Japanese company has hit on an incredible idea that should keep electricians in West London in business well into the future.

The Shizumu Corporation have developed an idea for putting a large ring of solar panels around the moon's equator to harvest energy from the sun. The company believe that the system is practical and could be operational from as early as 2035.

What they are proposing is a 19 km wide, 11.000 km long band of solar cells, that due to the moons orbit, the same side always faces the sun and would therefore provide a steady flow of clear energy. The belt of solar panels would collect the power and via receptors, beam it to earth as microwave or laser energy.

The company calculate that it could send a constant supply of 13,000 terrawatts of power, which is three times the United States annual generating capacity.

The advantage this system has over earth based solar panels is that there is no cloud cover on the moon to disrupt the sun's rays. It would therefore run cleanly and efficiently 24 hours a day, providing an endless stream of power.

As fanciful an idea as this sounds the company are pushing forward with developing technology to enable it to become a reality. As fuel prices continue to rise and the earth's fossil fuels dwindle ever lower, this is seen as being a possibility in harnessing the infinite energy of the sun.

The lunar environment would be too dangerous and difficult for humans to work in so the Shimusu Corporation are designing an interstellar workforce of robots to undertake the construction and maintenance phases. There are also plans for a network of worldwide receptors to gather the energy produced.

If successful it will mean continued power for businesses to run and ongoing work for electricians throughout the world.

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