Electrical Contractors in West London Could Save You Money

Juliane Paarmann - Thursday, December 19, 2013

Electrical Contractors LondonThere may be a number of reasons why local businesses should consider contacting an electrician in West London. These range from financial to environmental, business expansion or simple wear and tear.

If you are looking for some energy saving, green ways of upgrading your business' electrics then why not consult an electrician about installing some money saving initiatives? Quite often these can be simple easy to implement systems that will have an immediate impact on overheads.

Energy Efficient Lighting

While it is common to find energy saving light bulbs around the house it is not the same with businesses. Something as simple as changing over to more efficient lighting can have dramatic effects on utility bills. Replacing bulbs in many companies can be a chore, high ceilings and the need for access platforms make the task costly and time consuming. This was recently quoted as a reason why 60% of failed lamps remain unchanged at Heathrow's Terminal 5.

Electrical Sensors

Installing motion sensor controls and time delayed light switches are amongst other electrical solutions to saving money. Dimmed light bulbs that can detect when there is someone in a room or ones that switch off after a predetermined time can be a great cost saving exercise.

Lighting Planning

As part of a business overhaul it may be profitable to inspect the positioning of lighting rigs and wattage of bulbs. Glare, shade and reflections can all contribute to an unproductive environment and ensuring the right lighting is in place can have beneficial results to staff and the company finances.


Older businesses may want to have their existing electrical circuits and installations checked over to see whether technological advances can make a difference. Everything from plugs, switches, fuse boxes and even cabling have been updated and if your company has not been recently upgraded, the installation of more modern electrics could have a massive impact.

Whether for green issues, monetary or production growth an up to date electrical system is essential. Especially these days where the cost of utility bills can have a large impact on business overheads. Call on WLEC electricians in West London to see how your business can be improved.

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