Home Rewiring In West London

Juliane Paarmann - Monday, March 31, 2014
If you have just moved into an older property – or even a new one! – and you are not sure how safe the electrical circuits are you may want to call WLEC! We are qualified electricians who can offer complete rewiring in London and beyond. But do not worry – we will not offer you any products or services you do not need. That is why we will talk to you in detail about the house, or we may come and assess your needs, before talking to you about what is actually required. T ..

Electrical Contractors in London Take On Any Commercial Challenge!

Juliane Paarmann - Sunday, February 16, 2014
WLEC can cater for the needs of any small or big business. We have substantial experience in refitting warehouses and shops as well as assisting in electrical services for newly built properties. Pubs that require complete or partial refits can benefit from our expertise. Not only will we make sure that the work is carried out timely and efficiently, it will of course adhere to stringent certification rules. Our range of clients is varied – we have worked on entire housing esta ..

House Rewiring in London

Juliane Paarmann - Wednesday, January 15, 2014
It is vital to hire a professional electrician when it comes to house rewiring in West London (http://www.wlec.co.uk/rewires). When should you consider this service offered by WLEC? Well, a classic case is moving home, especially when purchasing older properties. In this instance it is always advisable to check for electrical faults and correct wiring / earthing. Once this has been performed you will have gained a good understanding of what needs replacing. Please bear in mind that fau ..